Non profit Mail Rates and Direct Mail Solutions

Non profit Mail Rates and Direct Mail Solutions

If you represent a non-profit organization, you may qualify for the special non profit mail rates offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). However, navigating the process of taking advantage of non-profit postage can be time-consuming and confusing.

Dheera Group is the exclusive direct mail automation platform offering access to special USPS pricing for non profit mail rates. Apart from postage savings, your non-profit will also benefit from cost reductions associated with designing, producing, and printing materials, thanks to our free letter and postcard templates.

Exploring Non-profit Direct Mail Campaigns with USPS

Table of Contents:

  • What is Non-profit Standard Mail?
  • Eligibility for Non profit Mail Rates
  • Postage Rate for 2023
  • Non-profits and Shipping Discounts
  • How to Use Non-profit Stamps
  • Finding a Non-profit Authorization Number
  • Non-profit Mailing Permits
  • Benefits of Using Dheera Group

What is Non-profit Standard Mail?

Formerly known as USPS Standard Mail, USPS Marketing Mail is a program that benefits non-profit organizations meeting specific requirements. Non profit mail rates sent through USPS Marketing Mail enjoys discounts of up to 60% compared to First-Class Mail.

However, it’s essential to note that certain content, such as invoices, statements, and handwritten or typed letters, cannot be sent as USPS Marketing Mail.

Eligibility for Non-profit Mailing Rates

Recognizing non-profit status by the IRS does not automatically grant eligibility for USPS Marketing Mail non profit mail rates. The organization must meet specific criteria and obtain special approval from the U.S. Postal Service to avail non profit postage rates. Additionally, the organization must operate for non-profit purposes and cannot direct net income to private shareholders or individuals.

Postage Rate for 2023

In 2023, the postage rate increased from 60 cents to 63 cents. Though seemingly small, such increases can have an impact on non profit mail rates with limited budgets, leading to increased expenses for marketing and outreach efforts.

Will Postage Rates Go Up in 2023?

The possibility of postal rate increases in 2023 remains uncertain, but in 2021, non-profit USPS Marketing Mail rates experienced an average increase of 7.8%. While challenges to postal rate hikes persist, it’s unclear if they will occur and to what extent. The most significant increases might affect First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail, periodicals, package services, and special services if implemented.

Non profit Mail Rates for 2023

USPS offers various rates for small-volume marketing mail, categorized into letter mail, flat/large envelopes, parcels, marketing packages, and Parcel Select Lightweight packages. The postage rate for USPS Marketing Mail depends on these categories. Non-profit organizations can calculate their postage for 2023 using the USPS Business Postage Price Calculator, saving approximately $0.35 per piece for bulk mail compared to First-Class mail.

Do Non-profits Get a Discount on Shipping?

The Cooperative Mail Rule (CMR) permits one or more authorized non-profit organizations to share the cost, risk, or benefit of a mailing at non profit mail rates. However, this rule solely applies to non-profit organizations, and for-profit entities cannot share costs or risks with non-profits. As long as all cooperating non-profits are authorized to mail at the rate, the CMR allows them to share the cost of non-profit mail.

How to Use Non-profit Stamps?

Non-profit stamps refer to precanceled stamps used for mailings. These stamps cost less than regular postage, but the cost is not charged until after posting the item at the post office. Using prepaid non-profit precanceled stamps requires contacting the post office where your organization has its non profit mail rates permit.

Finding a Non-profit Authorization Number

A Non-profit Authorization (NPA) number signals mail carriers that your envelope belongs to a non-profit organization eligible for lower postage rates. Upon approval of your non-profit status request, the Postal Service will send you an approval letter containing your NPA number, sparing you the effort of looking it up.

Non-profit Mailing Permits

Benefits of Using Dheera Group

With Dheera Group, non-profits can streamline their direct mail campaigns and achieve discounted mailing rates without the need for a non-profit authorization number or mailing permit. The platform’s automation tools facilitate design, printing, mailing, and tracking of campaigns at the most competitive prices in the industry, potentially costing as little as 57 cents per piece.

Ready to Save on Non-profit Mailing Rates?

Non-profit organizations often face budget constraints, especially with rising postal rates. Opting for the right mailing service provider can help save money on postage and improve budget margins for direct mail fundraising campaigns and advertising mailers. Clients using Dheera group enjoy the added benefits of seamlessly integrating their campaigns with multi-channel efforts through direct mail integration and campaign reporting tools.

Moreover, Dheera Group allows non-profits to save time and effort, simplifying the direct mail campaign process. Sending a sample non profit mail rates as postcard through Dheera Group’ automated mailing services can help you experience its convenience firsthand.

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