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Dheera Group is a marketing company that provides a wide range of services to help you reach your marketing goals such as; Mass Mailing, Text SMS, Campaign Management, SMTP Server, Email Marketing, ERP Software Installation, Domain and Hosting Service. We specialize in creating customized email campaigns that are tailored to your specific business needs.

Also, Dheera group offers all kinds of marketing campaign with WhatsApp API and other software. You can choose the service as per your requirements.

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Customer can design their campaign according to their need and send the design campaign to the subscriber in a bulk automatic.

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our mass email software is best for customers who want to target customers with the help of email software to send user-designed campaigns.

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We provide best campaign management software with latest designs & templates. Customers can customize the design setup and send to the subscriber.

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Our SMTP server is simple and reliable which easily integrates with API. We provide 5-minute integration and responsive design. You can send and receive messages.

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Get our App Development Software to increase your business revenue. We offer front-end development system software at low cost without any hidden charges.

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Our bulk SMS sender service and bulk WAP marketing service are so reliable, available at low cost, quick delivery when image/video/text sharing with the help of our software.

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We provide email marketing service at flexible cost. Our email marketing service is easy-to-use, with included email design tools that make you look like a pro.

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We provide best ERP software installation service for your business. Our software is integrated for store & inventory.

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We provide 1-click CMS install hosting service with powerful servers. Choose easy-to-use cPanel with shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting services at the best prices.

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Dheera Group’s services meet the unique needs of customers, as well as their commitment to providing the highest quality of service and support. Watch here all video reviews of our happy clients who reach their desired goals and get high success rate with our services.