Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

Our SMS services are the perfect companion to any marketing campaign. With our comprehensive suite of features, you can ensure that your message is delivered quickly, efficiently and effectively. By targeting specific demographics and tracking results, you can ensure that your campaigns are reaching the right people and generating the desired results.

With our award-winning text SMS services, you can increase sales, customer satisfaction and save time and money. Try it now and experience the power of SMS marketing!

Bulk SMS Service Providers in India

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Types of Bulk SMS

Engage your customers with our OTP Service SMS, Transactional SMS, and Promotional SMS solutions for your business needs.

Transactional SMS

Secure & reliable way to send OTPs & alerts. Quick & easy setup. Get started today & grow your business faster! Contact us today to get a transactional SMS service at a low price in India.

Promotional SMS

Send out exclusive offers and promotions to your customers with our Promotional SMS service. Reach more customers and increase your sales! Try our service now!

OTP SMS Service

Send OTPs and alerts quickly and easily with our OTP Service SMS. Our service ensures your customers receive their OTPs and alerts within seconds, making your business run smoother.

Why Dheera Group; Reliable Bulk SMS Solution For Your Customer

  • International Messaging allows businesses to send messages to customers in different countries.
  • Shortcodes and Longcodes are available for businesses to deliver their messages easily. An easy-to-use web-panel helps manage the SMS campaigns.
  • Real-time reports help businesses track the progress of their campaigns.
  • There are no costs attached to the use of the platform, only payment is required when purchasing SMS credits.
  • OTP Authenticator helps ensure secure authentication.
  • A 24×7 support team is available to help with any queries.
  • Cloud-based Solutions allow businesses to access the platform from anywhere.