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Bulk Voice Call Services In India

Dheera group is the best voice call service providers in India and also offers reliable missed call services with 24/7 support at competitive price. With Dheera group, you can be sure that you will get the best quality services with excellent customer service.

Voice Call Services In India

What are Voice Call Services?

Voice missed calling services enable users to communicate with each other over a network, using audio signals via telephone lines, the Internet or other networks. They are used for personal and business communication such as phone conversations, conference calls and other forms of communication, allowing peopleto stay connected across distances with greater clarity.
IVR Service : – IVR is a cloud-based technology that helps businesses interact with customers through pre-recorded voice messages and DTMF inputs. We are the leading IVR Service Provider in India and provide a reliable service to the businesses.

Voice Call OTP and Missed Call Services

It is used to verify the mobile phone number by calling the number and handling the sequence of digits for verification. Missed call numbers provide a convenient and efficient way to generate leads and increase sales. Dheera group offers this service to help businesses grow.

Transactional Voice Call Services

Transactional calls are used to provide essential information to staff or customers, such as delivery status, payment/invoice reminders, or appointment confirmation. Voice & SMS may be made 24/7 by the service provider and are not for marketing or promotional purposes.

Promotional Voice Call Services

Promotional voice calling services are used to market products/services and inform customers of offers. Excellent quality, fast delivery and user-friendly services make for a great user experience. They are mainly used for business promotion, product marketing, etc.

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With Respect To Each Customer

Dheera Group – The Best Bulk Voice Call Service Provider in India

Dheera group is a leading transactional and promotional voice call service provider in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, helping businesses create automated voice & SMS campaigns at a cost-effective price. With our services, you can communicate with your customers quickly and easily. Our The services will help you manage marketing campaigns, thereby increasing revenue and sales.

Why Choose our Voice Calling Service in India

Dheera Group is expert in voice, SMS, and marketing service and offering missed call, transactional, and promotional voice call services in India. Here are the benefits of choosing our company for voice blasting that are given below: –

  • Bulk Transactional voice call services in India to reach masses at once
  • Only pay for successfully connected calls
  • Dynamic Calling with Customised audio clips
  • Pre-schedule IVR campaigns
  • 24hrs Delivery for transactional route
  • Same pricing for landline and mobile phones calling
  • Add personal touch to communication
  • Effective marketing tool to reach large number of customers
  • Personalized way to meet prospective customers
  • Take product to every nook of the country
  • Brand Promotional, Product Launch, Sales Promotions etc.